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I discovered my love of coffee and community on a trip to Italy. Italian coffee shops took things slow and enjoyed the moment of connecting over each cup. Every shop we visited used whole ingredients, roasted and ground their beans, all the while providing an atmosphere of belonging. I watched Italians share intimate conversations without looking at the clock. 
I was inspired by the Italian coffee culture, and I wanted to bring this experience to America. I studied the art of measuring and grinding beans. I continued to travel and find small business roasters. I found high quality ingredients and continue to grind each coffee order by hand.

I founded Grind & Gather so people can connect with colleagues, family, neighbors, and friends over coffee. We emphasize quality over quantity. My goal is to bring the Italian tradition of bonding at the coffee bar to you with options customizable for your event. Grind & Gather brings a firsthand Italian experience to you–deliberate, rich coffee and a relaxed environment. 
Welcome to Grind & Gather. I look forward to connecting with you,
~ Jade

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